January 14, 2014

NEWS: PRIX JEUNESSE training in Macedonia

The Macedonian story

by Angela Dimitrovska, OXO, Macedonia

In December 2009, Barbara Kolucki came to us and said: “You are making such good children educational programmes in Macedonia; you have to visit PRIX JEUNESSE – it is the most inspirational place in the world for people doing this kind of media!”

Six months later, we were on a plane to Munich wondering what awaited us. It was beyond our expectations – 6 days of watching programmes, no sleep (because we wanted to socialize with everyone), endless discussions, laughs and tears. These were our production’s most inspirational days outside the office and the television studios.

Since 2010, we’ve become closer to the world’s biggest children’s media research center and had the honor of meeting the PRIX team. We produced videos for the Guessing Games and organized a PRIX JEUNESSE International Youth Jury in 2012.

Prix Jeunesse - 2013
OXO’s production, the “5+” children show, is celebrating its 6th season, and “Who is Raised by Whom” – the show for parents – is celebrating one year of existence. Both were supported with fresh ideas and trends adopted in Munich.

Next, it was the Suitcase time!

With the support of Goethe institute Skopje, OXO brought the PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase to Macedonia. Jens Ripke from ZDF/Germany guided us through the two-day workshop, “Watch, Learn and Grow with Children’s TV”.

We had faith in everything except in the number of participants. Macedonia suffers from a lack of children’s shows and TV products, thus, there are few experts working in the field. But, look what happened! 30 people visited the event: producers, actors, hosts, teachers, directors, psychologists, musicologists, and more.

Read the full story in the Prix Jeunesse WATCHwords Winter Edition 2013/2014

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