January 14, 2014

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Youth exchange - Roma identity = European identity

Call for youth leaders
Deadline 15 January 2014
Youth exchange - Roma identity = European identity
Youth Exchange: 01 -10 April 2014
Advance Planning Visit : 25- 28 February 2014, Macedonia

Short summary

This International meeting is going to gather Roma and Non-Roma young people from different European countries to discuss and exchange their own identity, a history, achievements, end to develop a sense of pride regarding their heritage. The YE will give the opportunity to the Roma and Non-Roma young people to experience the Roma culture in different countries around Europe and the opportunity to gain an understanding of Roma roots as well as the backgrounds and experiences of their peers from other countries.
This event is looking for INTERESTED, MOTIVATED, CREATIVE, young people coming from:
France, Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia.

4 participants + one youth leader from each of the listed countries are needed.


There will be various thematic workshops:

- Music workshop;
- Dance workshop;
- Theatre workshop;
- Flash mob and Street animation workshops;

Participants will use these creative methods and in that will explore and promote the Roma culture.
They will promote the Roma culture through organizing final public event on 8th of April – the International Roma day.


The youth leader who will take place on the Advance Planning Visit will have the responsibility to make a group of 4 young people
between 16-25 years who all together the 4 participants and the youth leader will take place on the Youth exchange in period of 01-10 April 2014.

How to apply:

Download the application form and info at https://app.box.com/s/ycv3wyj90cut618k4jvb

All you need to do is to be INTERESTED, MOTIVATED and to send us your application form on the following e-mail:
no later than 15 January 2014.
After reviewing all received application forms, the selection team of the project will select and inform only the selected applicants by e-mail .

Best regards,

Anife Sabedinovska
Executive Director
Roma Youth Centre
address: Toso Angelovski Zidar 2,
1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia
Email: info_romay...@yahoo.com
Phone: +38931613691

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