May 22, 2011

NEWS / AWARDS: Czech Television program about Roma children nominated for EU's Civis Media Prize

The "Ptáčata" television serial, which won the Gypsy Spirit 2010 award as Action of the Year, has also scored points in the EU's competition for radio and television programming for integration, the Civis Media Prize. The unique documentary serial produced by Czech Television, which was also the country's first "docu-soap", tells the stories of children living on the outskirts of society - both happy and sad stories, and above all, authentic ones.

The 13th episode, called "Letem ghettem" ("My Ghetto, My World") captivated the jury in the main category. Czech Television will be competing for a prize for the first time ever in the 20-year history of this competition, which is primarily dominated by West European television. The jury labeled the series as quite engrossing, exemplary, important and moving. Prizes in various categories will be announced by German President Christian Wulf and EP Preisdent Jerzy Buzek and broadcast by ARD/Das Erste on 26 May.

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