February 21, 2011

OPPORTUNITIES: Film-making Workshops “Who is afraid of the Big Bad Crises?” (BALKAN REGION)

Are you young, creative, curious, willing to meet new people and visit new places? Are you interested in expressing your ideas through innovative film making techniques?

We are looking for you.

Apply now to one of our 3 film-making workshops and you will understand how to overcome your own limits and support others in overcoming theirs. The workshops will aim to address the topical issue of 'crisis' by developing 3 films all starting from the same moment of crisis and structured around the same 'anchor moments'.

During the workshops the selected young filmmakers will have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other, as well as exchange ideas about cinematography and the role of cinema, in the Balkan region.

The main purpose of the workshops is to give participants time to envision and create short films addressing the subject of 'crisis', seen from different perspectives: economical, political, personal crises, etc.

The moderators and trainers of the workshops will be the artists and filmmakers Effi & Amir: www.effiandamir.net

Each workshop will aim to produce a collective short film, challenging traditional film-making methods and instead of a linear creative process – writing, filming, editing – a new creative process will be developed and the three film-making stages intertwined (editing will take place throughout the process and not only at the end, writing will develop and emerge during filming etc), making the relations between writing, filming and editing much more dynamic.

The collective short films will, of course, be co-productions created by teams of participants of different nationalities and will be shown in a public screening after each workshop, as well as during the 2nd edition of "Balkans beyond Borders" Film Festival, which will take place in Athens in June 2011.

The workshops and festival should act as a meeting platform for young filmmakers from the region, workshop directors, organisers and institutions and offer participants opportunities for other future collaborations.

Schedule and deadline for applications

Skopje Workshop Dates: 30 March – 6 April 2011 – Application deadline: 15th of March 2011

Tirana Workshop Dates: 6 May – 13 May 2011 – Application Deadline: 1st of April 2011

Athens Workshop Dates: 15 June – 22 June 2011– Application deadline: 1st of May 2011

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