December 7, 2010

NEWS / IT: Vodafone launches Digital Parenting magazine (UK)

Vodafone has published a new magazine called ‘Digital Parenting’ to help parents get to grips and get involved with their children’s digital world.

The magazine brings together experts from around the world to give parents the latest advice on digital issues, such as online reputation, location services, sexting, cyberbullying and illegal content. Parents, teenagers and grandparents also share their personal experiences and a series of ‘How to...’ tutorials guide parents through the safety and privacy controls on Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Vodafone.

“With so many parents telling us that they sometimes feel baffled by their children’s digital world, we decided to take a new approach,” comments Annie Mullins OBE, Global Head of Content Standards at Vodafone. “Our website already offers comprehensive advice about the digital issues affecting young people but some parents
still prefer paper-based information. Whatever their level of experience and expertise, this magazine will help parents to keep up with digital technologies and stay in control.”

Digital Parenting is available in hard copy and online on the Vodafone Parents’ Guide website. Free copies are being distributed to parenting groups, local education authorities and other relevant organisations. To order a copy of the magazine, please email

Source: Ofcom Media Literacy Bulletin Issue 39

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