December 7, 2010

RESEARCH / STUDIES: Overuse of the internet is very high among UK children says new EU Kids Online study (EUROPE)

Excessive use of the internet is very high among children in the UK with one in five admitting they have gone without food or sleep to stay online.

The UK findings from the EU Kids Online survey reported this month by the London School of Economics and Political Science also show that more than half of young people confess they spend less time than they should on family, friends or schoolwork because of the internet.

Use of social network sites is also high for young people in this country – 65 per cent of 9- 16 year olds have their own profile on one or more sites compared to 57 per cent across Europe.

However, children in the UK are among the most web-savvy, with a good understanding of how to negotiate risky activity on the internet and to protect themselves. As a result, the project now classifies the UK as a high-use but low-risk country, where it had previously been ranked high in both categories.

See LSE website for the UK report1 and the press release reporting initial findings from the survey of 1032 UK 9-16 year olds.

The 23 country pan-European report, published 21/10/10, is also available at EU Kids Online website.

Source: Ofcom Media Literacy Bulletin Issue 39

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