December 17, 2010

CALL FOR ENTRIES / EVENTS: International Audiovisual Festival of Barcelona


The International Audiovisual Festival of Barcelona (FIAB) would like to invite directors of all ages to submit children and youth productions and participate in the 15th edition to be held in November, 2011.

We are interested in documentaries, animations, TV programmes, series and video-games from around the world, which not only entertain but also ideally educate and form the young viewer by promoting values that favor coexistence, respect, solidarity and friendship.

Genre: Children and youth - All public
* Productions for children & young people about children's issues.
* Productions made by young children within a framework of media literacy.
* Productions made by students from schools or universities.
* Productions for all ages, containing values that promote coexistence.

This is a unique media and educational opportunity for filmmakers and production companies to showcase their work in Spain and share it with enthusiastic young audiences and media professionals. Every year we collaborate with educators so that groups of school children get to see a wide range of international films that are 90 minutes or less, that they may not otherwise be able to access. We request that films that are not in Spanish be subtitled in Spanish or English.

As with previous years, there is no entry fee and we offer the prestigious UNICEF PRIZE and CREATIVE PRIZE.

Following up last year´s edition, where our efforts to launch new activities in the Festival met with success and were very much enjoyed by an enthusiastic audience, we decided to embrace them in FIAB 2011 as well.

These new activities consist of:

- Audience Award - Public Mention, where the young viewers had the opportunity to vote and to choose their favourite film.

- Professional area, organized by the Catalonian Association of Audiovisual Professionals (CPAC) that awards the Professional Mention.

- Video games to be played every morning. Participants were encouraged to play non-violent and educational games with values to be learned.

- Guided visit to the Art, Music and Media documentation Library of CaixaFòrum, located just in front of the CaixaForum Auditorium.

To fill out an inscription form and for more information on the rules and regulations, please check out our website.
European Observatory on Children´s Television (OETI)

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