February 9, 2014

CALL FOR ENTRIES / FESTIVALS: 11th Roma Festival "Golden Wheel"

The 11th Roma Festival "Golden Wheel" will take place in Skopje, Macedonia in April 2014.

The festival is dedicated to the production about the Roma population worldwide. All video production (documentaries and TV films) produced by Roma or non-Roma producers are eligible for applying.

The deadline for submitting films is March 25th, 2014.


B. Regulations for the 11th Roma Film Festival “Golden Wheel” - 2014

1.    General Festival screening and playing requirements

Documentaries and TV films treating Roma issues that have been or haven't been screened or broadcasted before on other festivals
It is strongly recommended that the programs are not longer that 30 minutes
Videos can only be shown either if they have English commentary and / or English dialogues, or if the original version is subtitled in English
"Golden Wheel" festival accepts the following screening formants: DV CAM PAL, Mini DVCAM PAL, SVHS PAL, VHS PAL and DVD-s.
There is no limit for the number of submitted programs - every producer, production house or TV station can submit as many programs as they think is appropriate
Once submitted documentary cannot be redrawn.

2.     How to enter your program

 "Golden Wheel" festival must receive the tape/CD for film’s screening/playing, completed and signed entry form with a VHS preview cassette (PAL)/CD as soon as possible. We will highly appreciate if you enter your programs as early as possible
The preview tape/CD as well as the tape/CD for screening/playing has to have English voice-over and/or dialogue and/or subtitles
The following information must also be provided at the time of entry:
·         English script of the program
·         A title- list of the languages (Roma, Macedonian and English)
·         A biography of the director(s)
·         A filmography of the director
·         Short history of the production house
·         Promotional materials (photographs, posters etc)
·         Dialogue list in English
·         If you want to enter two or more programs at the festival, make a copy of the entry form for
        each one of them

Entries, preview tapes / CDs and documentation materials, as well as all correspondence should be addressed to:

TV BTR Nacional


376 Street, No.108,
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
tel./fax: + 389 2 3216 000
e-mail: tvbtr@tvbtr.com.mk  (for  “Golden Wheel - 2014 ” film festival)


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