February 9, 2014

NEWS / RESEARCH: Sexting and cyber-bullying in South Africa - A new study by UNICEF South Africa explores how SA youth deal with dangers online

A new first-of-it-kind study by UNICEF South Africa explores how the local youth deal with dangers online, as society moves further into an easily-accessible, ever-connected environment of communication.
The report was compiled after holding close to 180 in-depth focus groups at 93 schools across South Africa, covering topics including online violence, abuse, sexting, online risks and real-world consequences and dangers.
The study showed that one in five secondary-school learners have experienced some form of cyber-bullying or other violence online.
Remarkably, however, the report found “substantial” evidence that the majority of young people are aware of the risks they face online, which has allowed them to develop protective measures of their own.

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