January 20, 2014

ARTICLES / TOOLS: Raising a Hacker: Cool Tools to Help Kids Learn to Code

If you've got school-age kids, you know when they're working on reading and math. But if their homework includes loops, goto commands, and branches, don't be alarmed. They're probably learning to code, and that's a very good thing. From Code.org's Hour of Code to coding camps and afterschool classes, computer programming is hot -- and, in a technology-fueled world that's only going to grow, coding is an invaluable 21st-century skill.
Some forecasters are calling coding the new literacy because of what kids learn in the process. Coding helps kids develop essential skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Plus, it encourages them to become creators, not just consumers, of the technology they use.
Even kids who don't go on to become computer scientists will benefit from learning to speak and understand the language of coding. Here are some of our favorite tools to make learning coding basics fun, accessible, and age-appropriate.

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