January 23, 2014

ARTICLES: Setting standards for media coverage of children’s issues (INDIA)

What should a journalist do when reporting on a child identified as a victim of sexual abuse or exploitation or HIV positive/living with AIDS or charged/convicted of a crime? Always change the name and obscure the visual identity of the child.
Experts say that often, many journalists were unaware of legalities involved when reporting on issues concerning children and end up violating the children's rights and privacy. It is for this that the Press Institute of India and UNICEF have come together with a handbook on child rights for journalists.
Highlighting the role of media in protection and promotion of children's rights during the launch on Wednesday, Caroline Den Dulk, chief, Advocacy Communication, UNICEF India, said, "The media should ensure that the rights of children including their right to expression and opinions are protected. Their right to privacy and identity should be respected," she stressed.

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