October 30, 2012

NEWS: Young Chinese Journalists Travel Regionally to Research and Report on Industrial Production

Tough questions and stone-faced rebuttals from authorities don’t deter Wang Jing, a young journalist at China’s New Century magazine. "I feel I am a representative of the public,” said Jing, explaining her recent persistent enquiries of Thai officials. “If I must, I can apologize in private for aggressive questioning."
Jing was one of six Chinese journalists who took part in an October reporting trip through Thailand and Vietnam, where the journalists had opportunities to meet with and question government, industry, and NGO leaders involved in industrial production, essentially tracing the life cycle of products like plastics and liquefied natural gas and learning about the impacts of industrial production on health and the environment. The Chinese journalists clearly enjoyed the rare opportunity to ask questions freely and aggressively.
full article on the Internews website

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