October 30, 2012

NEWS: Teenager Ciara Ierace appointed Children's Commissioner for a day (AUSTRALIA)

BE true, to be you - that's the message from the Perth teen who was appointed WA's Children's Commissioner for the day this week.
As part of a campaign to promote positive body image for youngsters, 13-year-old Ciara Ierace worked with brand and communications agency Meerkats to produce a print advertisement.
Ciara said she wanted to spread the message to young people to be happy with who they are and not to feel the need to become unhealthy or fake.
“You need to remember you are beautiful in every way, no matter what you look like,” she said, after being selected from more than 70 applicants for the Commissioner for a Day Challenge.
Ciara said she learnt that being the Commissioner is a very busy job, but she loved every minute of it.
“It’s hard work but in the end it’s worth it because you get to see kids smile and being happy.
“I could probably see myself doing this job in the future.”
Visiting Meerkats, Ciara worked with creative staff to produce a print advertisement promoting her message to encourage children and young people to be happy being themselves.

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