August 11, 2011

ARTICLES / ARTS: I, Bunyip at the Sydney Children's Festival (AUSTRALIA)

Presented by Sydney Children’s Festival World premiere performances of new work from Erth CarriageWorks Monday 26 Sept – Saturday 8 October, 2011

Do you know what a Bunyip is? Have you ever seen one? What about other secret spirits and creatures that live in Australia? Would you like to meet them?

This year at Sydney Children’s Festival, Erth Visual and Physical Inc present I, Bunyip: a unique performance of puppets, visual effects and multi-media that takes audiences deep inside the mysterious heart of Australian imaginings. Long known for their magical, life-like puppetry and performances, Erth’s shows have transfixed children across the globe. I, Bunyip promises to be equally mesmerising, with an inimitable cast of unique Australian characters brought to life on stage.

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