September 7, 2010

EVENTS / CONFERENCES: Cinekid for Professionals Conference

NEW: Cinekid for Professionals Conference!

The first Cinekid for Professionals Conference will be held on 27 and 28 October 2010. Each year, Cinekid strives to organise innovative events in Amsterdam in the area of Children and the Media. The aim is to offer professionals an opportunity to keep in touch with the latest developments in the field, and to give them a chance to expand their professional network. Speakers at this year’s event will include David Freeman, producer and also game and scriptwriter (Pixar, Disney and Aardman Animations), James Alliban, augmented reality specialist (Skive) and Kevin Haug, visual effects specialist (The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace).

Child and Media is ‘booming business’. An area characterised by innovation. Those who fail to keep up with changes in the cross-media world for children fall by the wayside as professional, and child and family are continually bombarded by new media. From art films for children to the latest advertising platforms, from Harry Potter to Iep!: 3D, visual effects, traditional film and the newest animation techniques. These are all mixed together, while wherever you look augmented reality productions smooth an extra layer on top of everyday reality. This onslaught offers new possibilities, but it also demands great flexibility in the trusted methods usually applied to storylines, scenario’s, production and distribution. The Cinekid for Professionals Conference will provide an annual injection designed to encourage quality, focussing on the specific issues involved in children’s media.

Cinekid for Professionals Conference
On October 27 the emphasis will lie on recent developments within Child and Media, scriptwriting for children, augmented reality and animation. On the second day there will be more specialised sessions with time for discussion. During Lost Without the Script, Karen Wallace, Julian Friedmann, David Freeman, Anne Zeegers, Ike Bertels and Waldemar Torenstra will talk about the challenges in scenario writing, and illustrate methods to improve the quality of scenario’s. Augmented Reality: Enhancing the Tale will focus on augmented reality beyond the hype. James Alliban and Fred Elmann will stimulate thinking about the way in which new media formats release an enormous wave of creativity.

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