September 7, 2010

NEWS: On International Youth Day in Madagascar, film screening gives young people a forum

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar, 2 September 2010 – A film set in Madagascar’s arid south is helping young people develop life skills by sparking a debate on what it means to succeed in life.

The film, ‘Dzaomalaza and the Blue Sapphire,’ was officially launched in Antananarivo on 29 July and was later shown to an audience of more than 500 young people on International Youth Day. A debate followed the screening, which took place before the film began a tour of the island nation.

Set in southern Madagascar, ‘Dzaomalaza and the Blue Sapphire’ highlights the chronic difficulties faced by children and adolescents in the region – including food insecurity, a lack of access to basic health care and adequate sanitation, poor education and early pregnancy.

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