August 30, 2010

OPPORTUNITIES / PHOTO: Photo Competition 2010 - ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)

Enter your favourite photos of people managing water and technology to win up to €5,000 in prizes in the CTA “Peoples’ Choice Photo on People, Water and and ICTs”

Upload your photos or vote for your favourite photos in the following themes:

* People and water (water use and management, including coping mechanisms used by ACP people with respect to water or its lack);
* Technology and water (information and communication technology (ICT) and information and communication management (ICM);
* Water and environment (role of water and climate change in agricultural and rural development).

Just click on to post your photo or to vote for your favourite photo. The grand prize? A digital camera and an opportunity to participate – all expenses paid – in the annual seminar entitled Closing the Knowledge Gap: Integrated Water Management for Sustainable Agriculture, in Pretoria, South Africa , where the best photos will also be on display during the seminar from the 22-26 November 2010.

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