March 9, 2009

Youth Camp Istanbul

YouthCamps connect youth who have goals and ideas for a more open society, with youth wishing to contribute to these goals, in collaborative, inspirational projects. These collaborations empower youth to become active citizens willing and able to influence public life, and they promote open society ideals. Please join us this April in Istanbul, Turkey, to guide this new effort by sharing your ideas and experiences.

The YouthCamp Format

YouthCamps gather people to share and learn, in an open environment, through discussions, demonstrations, and interactions with attendees. The participatory structure of these camps, with attendee-proposed agendas and open discussions, gives everyone a voice and encourages active participation. Everyone participates; no tourists.

Who is invited?

YouthCamps are inclusive, and everyone seeking to engage youth in the effort to promote open society ideals are encouraged to attend. Representatives of youth-driven projects and initiatives looking for support, and an opportunity to network with others, are particularly welcome and encouraged to attend.

Space is limited, however, so please register early. You can make YouthCamp larger, more inclusive and better; contact us to become a partner of this great event.

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