October 22, 2008


Meet Bakkar

Egyptian cartoon hero cleans up the Red Sea

Bakkar, the eponymous hero of a popular all-Egyptian cartoon series, is into tackling environmental problems. Directed by award-winning Mona Abul-Nasr and produced by Cairo Cartoon — the West Asia’s first private animation studio — Bakkar revolves around the adventures of a young Nubian boy from rural Upper Egypt. The first Egyptian cartoon on television, Bakkar is widely applauded as a breath of fresh air amidst the dubbed western cartoons currently dominating Egyptian children’s tv. It is a nationwide hit among adults and children alike, regularly pulling in 40 million viewers — two thirds of Egypt’s population. Bakkar hits tv screens once a year, aired daily during the month of Ramadan. For the past year, fifty-two animation and computer graphics experts have been working round the clock to produce this Ramadan’s Bakkar series.

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