October 22, 2008

NEWS: New TV channel for children in Iraq

UN: New TV channel for children in Iraq

(AKI) - Iraqi children unable to attend classes due to security concerns will now be able to continue their studies through distance learning. The move will be possible with a new educational television channel launched by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the Education Ministry.

The Iraqi Educational TV Channel, IRAQI EDU, is designed for primary and secondary school students both within and outside of Iraq and is in response to security risks that result in a high rate of absenteeism and school closures.

The 6.5 million dollar project, financed by the European Union, will air educational episodes that are based on the Iraqi school curricula 24 hours a day. The programming will also contain messages promoting values such as peace and tolerance as to contribute to the peace-building and reconciliation efforts in the strife-torn country.

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