October 27, 2008

EVENTS: Youth Media Days draws young journalists

Youth Media Days draws young journalists

The other week 200 young journalists from all over Europe descended on the European Parliament for workshops and debates. It was part of the annual "Youth Media Days" from 15-17 October that aims to help young journalists discover their trade and meet other reporters from different countries.
"Brussels at work"
The journalists were split up into 16 different workshops, where they produced radio interviews, online and print magazines, photo reports and TV shows.
The price of food, immigration, European elections and the freedom of the press were among the topics considered.
One such contribution was from Anna Morawiec of Poland. The 22-year old and her group shot a photo series entitled "Brussels at work" intended to show the many faceted faces of the European Institutions
She explained that "we want to show that EP work is more than just politicians' work, but involves lots of other people – including the cleaning-lady!"
The emphasis was very much on creating a media product to take away. Cypriot journalist Marios Psaras and his group produced a webTV show on the upcoming US elections. He commented that "the teamwork functions impressively and everything is really well-organised".

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