March 31, 2008


ph: photography – Drawing with light
15: the number assigned to identify the slum "Ciudad Oculta", or Hidden City, located in the edge of Buenos Aires.
ph15: a space where a group of kids are encouraged to express their personal views through the use of photography. In this workshop they explore who they are and what they feel.
Ph15 is formed by a group of photographers that believe in education through visual arts and using them as a mean of social inclusion.
The workshops offered by ph15 possess a completely innovative character, so much for the didactics of work as for being an experience that makes possible a space for integration, development of the identity and artistic expression for underserved youth.
The activities of the workshops are faced to the deployment of the photographic creativity. Through learning how to look and show the different realities of their lives, so much of individual form as a group, they learn to explore everything that surrounds them and to express themselves through their own personal view, with another perspective. Without ever leaving aside the search of the artistic quality, ph15 generates a space of formation of identity that helps to improve the social and cultural condition of the students. Ph15 uses the creative power of photography to open them an alternative route that transmits, in a practical and direct way, values and cultural referents that belong to them and are not imposed by others.
Ph15 helps the kids to appropriate the place in which they live, to discover new spaces through the fieldtrips organized by the Foundation, and to interact with what surrounds them. Through ph15 activities the students not only leave the neighborhood but also learn how to move around the city and know places where they usually don’t go or have no access.

website in Spanish and English

From April 3rd until May 18th, ph15 photographs will be exhibited at Juan L. Ortiz Gallery in the National Library
Opening: Thursday April 3rd at 7PM
Aguero 2502 Third Floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mon to Fri from 10AM to 8PM and Sat and Sun from 1PM to 6PM

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