March 31, 2008

NEWS / RESEARCH: Technology And Youth to Drive Media Industry (AFRICA)

Kenya: Technology And Youth to Drive Media Industry

Mwenda Wa Micheni

Fast-paced changes on the local television scene point to one thing- growth.

Players in the industry must rise to the occasion or miss out on the growth dividends looming in the horizon.

Recent studies show that television ownership in selected 40 countries, Kenya included, is set to grow at an average pace of 17 per cent annually.

The study, dubbed African Broadcast Markets and published by Balancing Act and InterMedia, found that growth of the radio is not only strong, but also more widespread geographically.

The drivers of all this, according to the report, are the youth segment and technological changes. The two factors are the key determinants of the decisions that TV players will make to shape the future of the industry. "A key demographic is the very young average age of these populations," says the report.

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