February 19, 2008

OPPORUNITIES: Wanted: Young journalists and filmmakers!

Posting for Monique Doppert (HIVOS)

Dear film maker/journalist,

Hivos and VPRO Television (based in The Netherlands) are currently recruiting innovative videojournalists and filmmakers from all over the world for a new GLOBAL network of correspondents. The network aims to provide strong LOCAL news and background stories, video diaries, clips and creative short films based on weekly themes and with a personal touch.

We're looking for skilled young journalist and filmmakers, who can contribute 1 - 4 short stories monthly. The videojournalists need to have filming/editing skills and access to equipment in their countries, and will be paid accordingly.

The stories will be featured on a 24/7 website in Dutch and English and a selection will be shown in a weekly broadcast on national Dutch TV. Please contact the editors of this program at metropolis@vpro.nl if you fit the profile or know of anyone else who does!

Thank you in advance.

on behalf of the editorial staff

Stan van Engelen

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