December 21, 2007

OPPORTUNITIES: European Young Journalist Award


The *European Young Journalist Award* invites print and online
journalists from the 27 EU Member States
<> and the
<> and
potential candidate countries
to participate. All you have to do is send us your article telling us
your vision of the European Union's enlargement.

*The following themes will help you to find a topic for your article:*

* From six to 27 countries: What do you think about European
integration in the last 50 years? What do you think about future
* What are the benefits and challenges of future enlargements of the EU?
* Joining the EU -- good for the European Union or good for the new
Member State?
* What does belonging to the EU mean for you/your country?
* What is the purpose and/or value of opening the EU to new Member
* What do "European values" mean to you?
* Do you feel like a European citizen? Do people in your country
feel like European citizens?

Entries should be published between January 1st 2007 and March 15th 2008
in either a print or an online media outlet. The main editorial office
of the media in which the entry was published must be based in one of
the abovementioned countries. All entries should be written in the
author's mother language as long as it is an official EU language or
language from the candidate countries and potential candidate countries.
The article can be a maximum of 2,000 words. An abstract of 200 words
should also be provided in English.

The article should be written in a journalistic style and represent the
personal perspective of the writer in the context of his or her country.

The European Young Journalist Award is supported by the European
Commission, DG Enlargement


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