December 19, 2007

EVENTS: Barcamp 2008 in Riga

Barcamp 2008 in Riga

Barcamp is a unique international unconference on new media, blogs,
podcasts, social networking, citizen journalism, web 2.0, open source
and everything else that is connected with it. Unconference includes
open presentations, workshops and workgroups; everything is held by the
participants themselves.

Barcamp Baltics will take place in Riga, Latvia, from the 8th till the
10th of February 2008. 200 to 300 specialists from various fields of
information technology are expected to gather during the event; they
will mostly represent the Baltic and CIS states. Participants will
include active content managers and Internet users, as well as owners of
the websites with a stable popularity and audience.

The main goal of the event is to stimulate the development of new media
projects in the Baltic states. Barcamp is an effective way to share the
experience and to create a common vision on the new media development.

This will be the first time when the event of such a scale will take
place in the Baltic region. It is planned that Barcamp will become
annual and will give its participants an opportunity to present their
own ideas and projects to other professionals from this region.

The unconference will be held in the Barcamp format that was established
in 2005 when the first event of such a kind took place in the Silicon
Valley. Shortly after that, this format gained the popularity among the
IT specialists in North America and Western Europe. Barcamp is called
unconference to highlight its informal and unofficial atmosphere that is
kept up during the open discussions.

The rules of Barcamp promote the idea of participants' involvement in
the organization and logistics process. Everyone can attend the
unconference but if you want to be a participant you should make your
input: present a project, hold a discussion, announce the changes in
your blog, shoot and distribute the video from the unconference, help in

Around 4--5 sessions will be held simultaneously during the event
(including presentations, workgroups, speeches, reports, discussions).
There will be around 80 presentations during two days, both in English
and Russian language.

The most part of the presentations will be stored in the web in the
video format. That will be possible because of the wireless network
connection in the venue.

The uniqueness of the unconference is that it is a birthplace of new
projects. This event is designed for presenting your ideas and projects
to your potential grant givers and sponsors. Commercial and social
grants are supposed to be given to the brand new projects or for the
development of the existing ones.
The experience of the Baltic new media proves that many creative and
unique ideas start their way having a low budget. We want to give an
opportunity to the unconference participants; most of them have already
had an experience in creating the web projects. It would be interesting
to keep an eye on the realization of these ideas during the time frames
announced by the participants on the last day of Barcamp.


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