December 28, 2007

ARTICLES / PEOPLE: The shining star

The shining star

/*Kalyan Singh Kothari - */ <mailto:>*OneWorld South Asia*
27 December 2007
"/When you go to school and do well, the world forgets what you cannot
do and starts seeing what you can/." - *Anuradha Rathore, Medical Student*

Picture this.... Canada's first international film festival on
disability selected a 7.30 minutes long film on /Anuradha the Medical
Student/ from India for this year's award.

Anuradha's story of how a little girl takes up a challenge to complete
her education and overcomes her disability to become a doctor is
captured among the beautiful landscapes of blue houses in Jodhpur, India.

Anuradha at her medical college, ready to take on the world, is a role
model among differently abled persons.


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