March 29, 2006

BROADCASTING: OneMinutesJr "on air"

note: RTE is a Portuguese station, YLE is from Finland.
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broadcasting news yle and rte
rte broadcasts a oneminutesjr video every wednesday at 19:00.
the following videos will be broadcast:

05/4/06 george baramidze: don't leave child out
12/4/06 narineh daneghyan: chalk painting
19/4/06 michiel kellers students: exploding animals ii
26/4/06 declan hurley, aaron tansey: escape
03/5/06 vilhelmina szpiro: blip!
10/5/06 tobias matijsen: mailbox/mijn brievenbus
17/5/06 serguei firsov: why am i dying to live when i'm just living to die?
24/5/06 henritta boakye: thin air
31/5/06 deborah boyle: the struggle

every wednesday yle will broadcast a oneminutejr video during their farmi programme, which is broadcast at 16:00.

05/4/06 abdullahel baoudi : beat box
12/4/06 emile de lat: missing
19/4/06 joni friman: life is music
26/4/06 carljohan danling: jump down crew
03/5/06 stojce stamenkovski: this life...
10/5/06 angeline millavist: mama is the best
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