March 31, 2006

OPPORTUNITIES: Summer MEDIA Studio - Juodkrante, Lithuania

Summer MEDIA Studio
Juodkrante, Lithuania

Finaid: scholarships are available
Date: June 20th to July 6th, 2006
Deadline: May 1st, 2006
Open to: see 'Who Can Participate'

Announcement follows:

The GOAL of the ?Summer MEDIA Studio? is to gather together young filmmakers for an intensive joint cooperation on a practical and theoretical collaboration to search for new, courageous, even experimental ideas, and to facilitate their development through to their realisation.

TRAINING: SMS is a stimulating and exciting workshop, providing professional training for scriptwriters, directors, producers, cameraand sound students.

ACTIVITIES of the studio include: seminars, script development, film screenings, shooting of documentaries in international crews, evaluation of completed documentary films, and discussions. During the seminars participants will be introduced to leading and experimental documentary developments and traditions in the cinema history. Rare examples of the most famous documentary films will be screened and demonstrated as well.

TOPIC: the Studio in 2006 will concentrate on the documentary film and its script.

PROFESSORS: TUTORS are highly-experienced scriptwriters and filmmakers from the European educational film institutions and from the professional sector. They will share their experience and knowledge with everyone in the SMS. Tutors includes: Kanerva Cederstrôm (University of Art and Design - UIAH, Finland), Jan Peters and Kerstin Isenbeck (Abbildungszentrum, Germany), Alice Vayron de La Moureyre and Olga Farges Prud?homme (Kolam, France), and Jonathan Edward Hourigan (Thames Valley University, the UK).

TUTORS-CONSULTANTS of the Studio: Maiju Leppanen (Helsinki Polytechnic STADIA) and Janina Lapinskaitë (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre).

Learning Activities

- theory of scriptwriting ? seminars, workshops and writing;
- filming in 10 international crews;
- finding new objectives and subjects of documentary filmmaking;
- to find new creative forms for documentary.

Who Can Participate:

The participants will be selected following to the idea to settle 10 international crews. Each crew will include scriptwriter, director, cameraman, sound designer, and producer (latter ? Lithuanian only).

Participants must be able to communicate in spoken and written English.

International ?Summer MEDIA Studio? will engage 15 participants from Lithuania and 35 from all over the Europe ? 50 participants in total.

Applicants should have:

- an advanced education and practical experience of the particular possition he/she applies for (scriptwriter, director, cameraman, sound designer, producer);
- cameraman is highly recommended to provide his/her own camera.
- Be higly motivated to work in international crew in unsusual location;
- Fill in and send the Application Form and all required annexeës before May 1st, 2006.


The SMS organisers can offer five scholarships to the selected participants (excluding international travel costs). When applying, applicants are asked to mention that he/she is applying for a scholarship and outline clearly why the financial support is required.

3 institutions in Europe will participate in the project as financial partners (those who contribute to the project's budget agreed amount) by sending their students to participate in the programme and covering their travel expenses only. Financial partners are: Helsinki Polytechnic STADIA (Finland), Thames Valley University (UK), University of Art and Design Helsinki (Finland).

Since SMS is being supported by EK MEDIA Programme all applicants from European countries are highly recommended to apply for a financial support from their national MEDIADESK*.

* NOTE: scholarships are being offered from MEDIA DESKS from the following countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria


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