May 23, 2005

EVENTS / OPPORTUNITIES: 100 second film festival (GLOBAL)


The 100 second film festival is the festival for everybody. What do we mean?
First off, at 100 seconds - anybody can create a video and participate.
There are no restrictions on theme or subject matter - whatever you have in
mind - you can do it! Secondly, all the entries we receive will be published
to the web and catalogued so that you can hand pick your own favorites and
screen a 100 second festival in your community. By using a Creative Commons
license this festival can go anywhere. This project of Lowell
Telecommunications, LTC, is truly a festival like no other - a dynamic
stream of content which is ever evolving where public access mingles with
the avante garde and we want you to be a part of it. The premiere public
screening is July 15th at Evos Arts in Lowell, MA. So get your submissions

1) Make your own 100 second piece

2)License your work under the Creative Commons {more}

3) Send the tape/dvd/file to us and we'll compress it OR do the compression
and publish the file on your own {more}

4) Compressed pieces are available for download and reviewed by curators
(which can be anyone, including yourself!)
1st Deadline for entries May 30th

5) Show the festival at local venues - public screenings, local cable
access, back through the web, or burn a DVD and play it at home amongst

1) Send a Mini DV/VHS/DVD/ or file on disc to:

c/o LTC
246 Market St.
Lowell, MA 01852
Clearly label your entry with all credits and a brief description of the
work. (2 sentence maximum)
2) Publish your entry to the web {submit online}


100 seconds or less in duration
There is NO entry fee
Outright copyright violations, pornography and excessive violence are
unacceptable but mixes, collage, transformative work and envelope pushing
art are welcome.
Non competitive, non commericial festival, no monetary compensation, no
awards, no prizes (just worldwide distribut

This is a new festival and we are looking for all kinds of submissions -
personal stories, travelogues, mini movies, music videos, experimental,
animation, snapshots of life and culture. We can provide support materials
if you are interested in curating or screening the festival in your area.
Jason Daniels


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