May 23, 2005

EVENTS: Media Literacy: Overseas Conversations Series (USA)

Media Literacy: Overseas Conversations Series (II)

Exhibition/Conference-Screenings June 1-11, 2005
June 1, 6 PM (Art Exhibition Opening) - June 8, 6 PM (Conference Opening)

Chelsea Art Museum
556 West 22 Street
New York, NY 10011

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? Inter-cultural communication about youth media and media literacy.
? Share experiences in program development.
? Explore possibilities for cross-cultural collaboration.
? Establish dialog with reflective practitioners around the world.
? Raise visibility of media literacy as an educational resource.

All Events are Free and Open to the Public
Art Exhibition participants include: CityKids, Art Start, Kids with
Cameras, Aja Project, More Art, Agramunt School (Lleida, Spain)

Youth-produced screenings include: Global Action Project, Youth Channel, DCTV, ScenariosUSA, In The Mix, New York City Public Schools, Barcelona and Madrid Schools, Urban Visionaries Festival, media that matters festival

Conference and panel discussion participants include:

Douglas Rushkoff Professor at the New York University. Author of many books on media, values and culture, including "Media Virus," producer of two Frontline (PBS) documentaries "The Merchants of Cool" and "The Persuaders."

Guillermo Orozco Professor at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Author of many books on education, television and communication, including "Histories of Television in Latin America."

Regina de Assis Professor at the Estadual University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Served as Secretary of Education for the city of Rio de Janeiro between 1993 and 1996. Organizer of the 2004 World Summit on Media for Children and Youth, Rio de Janeiro.

Renee Hobbs Director of the Media Education Lab, Temple University, Philadelphia. Author and co-author of many articles and books on media and education, including "Elements of Language."

Eva Pujadas Professor at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain. Her research on quality television received the 2002 award from the Catalan Audiovisual Council.

And many more!

A presentation of Chelsea Art Museum and European Observatory of Children?s Television In association with Duende Pictures, Instituto Cervantes/NYC, and Fordham University

With the support of: Aldeas Infantiles SOS , Fundación Rafael del Pino
(Madrid, Spain),Televisió de Catalunya (TVC), Catalunya Ràdio.

Program Coordinator: Maria Juliana Byck, Project directors: Jordi
Torrent (Duende Pictures, NYC) and Valenti Gomez i Oliver

Jordi Torrent
1(646) 342-6669

"Consider that for the first time in human history a child is born into a home which television is on an average of about seven hours a day. And for the first time in human history most of the stories are told not by the parent, not by the school, not by the church, not by the tribes or community, and in many places not even by the native country, but by a relatively small group of conglomerates who have something to sell."


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