January 7, 2005

RESOURCES & ARTICLES: Children, media & education in times of a disaster

Again, this is also valid for children who are not in the disaster region in South Asia.
Children watching the scenes on TV at home in the US, in Europe or elsewhere are also in danger. Here are some links to resources about children, media and disasters:


Playtime best cure for tsunami children
Child Sensitive Media Coverage of Trauma and Tragedy

Save the Children Canada Tsunami Relief Teaching Tools

Children across Canada return to school this morning in the context of devastating earthquakes and resulting waves and floods in Southern Asia. Save the Children Canada has launched an education program aimed at engaging Canadian children and youth through their schools and communities in efforts to aid children affected by the tsunamis.

The academic tool kit -- for both an elementary and senior levels -- helps inform and contextualize the disaster for students. The proposed curriculum aims to educate students about the cause and effects of tsunamis. Participating youth are encouraged to express their feelings about the tragedy through art and writing. Students are also urged to explore the rights of children under survival and development in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and contrast them against Â?wants.Â?

Â?The activities are varied and interesting, and will surely promote provocative classroom discussion and student-centered learning. The challenging task of meeting the varied curriculum requirements of all the provinces and of the many possible subject areas has been accomplished, tying the many tasks together with the suggested curriculum strands,Â? explains Anna Smith, former principal of St. George College and Academy, Toronto.

Â? By addressing such difficult subject matter in a sensitive and practical manner, students will grow in this experience and hopefully develop into the humanitarian, globally-aware adults that we hope all our Canadian students become,Â? concludes Ms. Smith.

Â?We felt that Save the Children Canada could assist school children in understanding the long term effects of this disaster,Â? comments Save the Children CEO Rita S. Karakas. Â?To underscore that even they can make a difference, a child that donates his snack money to Save the Children Canada, will see that donation double when the government matches our fundraising.

More than 115,000 people, one-third of them children, have been killed by the immediate effects of the tsunamis which have devastated the region. Save the Children Canada is working to provide immediate relief for children and their families. The most urgent needs being addressed are food, healthcare, shelter, water and protection to children. The federal government has promised to match each dollar raised by Save the Children Canada for tsunami relief from 26 December disaster on.

Download the Tsumani Teaching Tools



Download Save the Children Canada Flood Relief Presentation >>
Format: Adobe pdf, 189 Kb

For More Information Contact:
416-221-5501 ext 226
or email volunteering@savethechildren.ca


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