January 6, 2005

EVENTS: 2005 LocoMotion International Film Festival - Apr 21-22 2005 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA- SUBMIT YOUR FILM NOW!

2005 LocoMotion International Film Festival - Apr 21-22 2005 - Salt Lake
City, Utah, USA


This festival showcases emerging visions of young people and celebrates
artistic excellence, technical achievement, and originality through the
presentation of creative and compelling shorts. Film submission to the
Festival is open to youth ages 13-18 and is free.

1. Narrative (Fiction)
2. Documentary
3. Public Service Announcement (PSA)
4. 24-Hour Film Making Competition
5. Animation
6. Short Screenplay Writing Competition
7. Experimental

1. All films must have been produced in the past two years (between May 2002
to May 2004) by youth between the ages of 13 and 18.
2. Films must be 20 minutes or less (5 minutes for 24 hour Competition
3. Films must be capable of being presented in the Mini-DV format.
4. Application must be filled out completely and accompany your film
5. A total of 5 entries per organization will be accepted for review. Please
do not send more.
6. Selected films will be presented in the Mini-DV format.
7. All submissions must be made on high quality Mini-DV stock


a.. All film entries must be received by 02/15/2005!

b.. All screenplay entries must be received by 03/15/2005!

c.. Registration deadline for the 24-Hour Film Making Competition Films is
April 1, 2005!


You will be notified by April 1, 2005, as to the status of your entry.
Except in emergencies, please refrain from calling our office concerning the
status of your entry. If you have an inquiry, please e-mail or fax your
questions to Jeremy Nielsen, Film and Video Director at Spy Hop Productions.
If selected for the screenings, you must provide a screening copy of the
film by April 10th along with a press packet about your film.


Tapes will be returned if a self-addressed return envelope with return
postage affixed to the envelope is included with the application. Tapes of
selected films will be retained for archival purposes.

Submit your film now! -


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