June 11, 2015

NEWS: Prix Jeunesse Int. and WADADA News for Kids in Kosovo

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - A one-day event devoted to the youth of the city was organized by Prix Jeunesse International and WADADA News for Kids. The day was moderated by Jan-Willem Bult, head of Children, Youth & Media department of the Amsterdam based organization Free Press Unlimited. The event was inspired and coordinated by the young activist and English teacher from the Ibrahim Mazreku school, Veton Kastrati.
Divided in two sections the day started with "The Oscar's of Children's TV" where the participants had the chance to watch and vote for the best kids TV programs, all of which stood out by the latest Prix Jeunesse International festivals.
Prix Jeunesse International "suitcase", run by Prix Jeunesse Foundation are workshops directed to professionals working on children's TV programmes but screenings are also open to educators, researchers and students.

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