February 2, 2015

NEWS: Afghanistan/Pakistan: Creating a children's media network

A networking workshop in Dubai brought together media professionals from Pakistan and Afghanistan. DW Akademie has been working with media organizations in both countries to develop innovative programming for children.

The atmosphere on the first day of the workshop was rather reserved. Perhaps that wasn't surprising, since participants came from media organizations from both Pakistan and Afghanistan and the two countries have a long history of mutual distrust. The causes range from border disputes to questions about whether Pakistan has become a safe haven for the Taliban and other radical groups. DW Akademie had spent a year working with these media organizations on the development of new programming for young audiences. The workshop, held in December, gave participants an opportunity to explore ways to cooperate with each another.

Still, it wasn't easy, since the problems between the two countries are widely discussed in their media. But on the first day of the workshop it became clear that, in terms of culture, Afghans and Pakistanis have many things in common.

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