January 13, 2015

OPPORTUNITIES: Strangers at home - story pitching

Source: http://strangers.globalreportingcentre.org

Tensions are on the rise in Europe, but most of the world has little understanding or appreciation of the complexities of what is taking place in pockets throughout the continent. We are looking for help to tell these stories.

We're looking for writers, filmmakers, scholars, artists, storytellers, activists – anyone who has a perspective on the extremism that has been spreading across the European continent.

The Global Reporting Centre would like to hear from you. Submit a short written proposal, and the top pitches will each qualify for a €500 grant to create a 60 second video for "Strangers at Home."

Step 1: Pitch

Write a 500-word story pitch. Submit to peter.klein(at)globalreportingcentre.org. by March 1st, 2015. Tell us what you are seeing in your country. What are the underlying reasons for the rise of neo-Nazi political parties, vigilante groups and racist violence? What do people really talk about at polite dinner parties or after a few drinks at the bar? When do people clutch their purse? Why? And in what way are people in your country resisting? 

Step 2: Selection

Your proposal will be reviewed by staff at the Global Reporting Centre. We are a team of professional journalists, filmmakers and researchers. The top 10 pitches will be chosen. Those who are selected will receive 500 Euro to provide 60 seconds of footage. This footage will then be used to create a promo that will assist with fundraising the remainder of the project.

Step 3: Video

Pending funding we will select the top seven stories and storytellers. These people will receive the financial, technical, creative and editing support needed to tell their stories in the most compelling way possible. The end result will be a multi-media site to house the stories, institutional and financial support, and the weaving together of the films into one long-form documentary.

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