June 20, 2014

Colombian producers win UNICEF Special Prize at the 50th edition of Prix Jeunesse

by Chris Schuepp
MUNICH, Germany, 4 June 2014 - The Colombian production "Te Recreo" ("I so believe you") by Canal Capital from Bogota is the winner of this year's UNICEF Special Prize at the Prix Jeunesse. The award was given to the producers and directors of the successful local children's TV show during the 50th edition of the Prix Jeunesse, the "Oscars of children's TV", in Munich, Germany.

Hundreds of children's TV makers and broadcasters from more than 60 countries had gathered in the Bavarian capital in the south of Germany for six days to watch, discuss and further develop children's programming under the motto "Feelings in focus - Emotions in children's TV".

For over 20 years, UNICEF has been encouraging broadcasters to create programming that highlights children’s issues and rights, and ideally empowers children and young people through the medium of TV. In the decision to award "Te Recreo" from Colombia with the award this year, special attention was paid to the fact that this program truly accomplishes what UNICEF has been pushing for. It is a program not only for kids but also by kids. It gives children a voice and puts them in front of the camera, giving a platform for a diversity of children to share what is important to them and what they want to change in their environment or society. It combines a fun, spirited atmosphere with serious issues, giving kids a chance to learn about the lives and situations of kids in other communities.

"Te Recreo" is currently in its 2nd season and has been running on local TV in Bogota and on a national cable station throughout Colombia since August 2013. More than 35 episodes have been aired so far and in each episode, more than 50 children from different schools and communities in Bogota take part in the development and production of the program. The show is funded by the Department of Eduction of the City of Bogota.

After receiving the award in Munich, the producer, directors and the screen-writer of the show who were all present at Prix Jeunesse were overjoyed. "This is the first time Colombia wins an award at the Prix Jeunesse. We're absolutely thrilled. It's been a lot of hard work to put this show together, but the reactions have been so overwhelming and the UNICEF award now really encourages us to keep going and get even better in bringing up all these important issues of the children," said Mónica Baquero García, the producer of "Te Recreo", after the 2 1/2-hour awards gala in Munich.

All the winners of this year's Prix Jeunesse can be found here. The Special Gender Equity Prize went to a very courageous production called "Burka Avenger" from Pakistan.

The next Prix Jeunesse takes place in Munich in 2016. More information about events, news and training opportunities is available at www.prixjeunesse.de.

Please also see: Noticias Canal Capital - Canal Capital news about the award from 4 June 2014 - http://youtu.be/eSPBakttHA4 (in Spanish)

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