April 7, 2014

NEWS / EVENTS: Non-formal education week (ROMANIA)

Every year in Romania, the Ministry of Education dedicates one week in April to non-formal and extracurricular educational activities. All institutions, teachers and pupils are encouraged to participate in a range of diverse cultural actions.

The Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in Romania, and the country-wide network of active youth panellists, will take this as an opportunity to teach children and teachers about online safety issues. This is why, this year, in all 13 cities with active youth panels, informative sessions will be held in schools between 7-11 April. Most activities will use non-formal techniques in order to stimulate children and teachers’ participation in creating a safer and better online environment, both for them and their community. Besides activities in schools, some of the youth panellists have decided to organise flash mobs, followed by informative sessions in visible public places in their city.

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