April 15, 2013

NEWS / ARTICLES: Digital media and junk food advertising

Bethany Dortmans, on behalf of The Cancer Council Vic, reports on a recent roundtable focussing on the role of digital media in promoting junk food to young people

The rise of social media and digital marketing is exposing young children and teenagers to junk food advertising from all directions, according to key figures in obesity prevention.

The “absolute saturation of advertising” coming from junk food companies such as Coca Cola, Red Bull and Pringles was discussed at length atDigitisation and Fragmentation: the next frontier for junk food marketers, public health organisations, parents and regulators on March 21, sponsored by the Obesity Prevention Coalition (OPC) and Deakin University’s Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organisations. The panel discussion, facilitated by Dr Paul Harrison, took a close look at the food industry’s use of digital media to collect information about young consumers and shape behaviours.

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