March 20, 2012

NEWS: ICDB: Children must be heard (South Africa)

Are world leaders and the media allowing children to be heard? Or are children just seen as “entities” who come along with problems that need to be fixed?

Twenty years ago, Unicef questioned whether or not children were being represented in the media as often as they should be, thus the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICBD) was born and celebrated annually in March.

Last year, however, Unicef announced that they would no longer be coordinating celebrations around the day since they had met their objective through the success of the programme.

The purpose of the ICBD was to encourage broadcasting with a focus on children’s issues and as the years went by, to also encourage the direct involvement of children in the media.

Global themes around the event were announced and in 1994, in partnership with the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, awards were given to those who best embodied the values placed on the day.

Firdoze Bulbulia, chairperson of the Children’s Broadcasting Foundation, says: “(The ICBD) has been very successful which is why the event must come to an end, but the role of young people in media production must continue.”

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