January 9, 2012

EVENTS: Young journalists from Dagestan are invited to take part in the festival of youth media “Volga meeting” (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)

Makhachkala, December 24, 2011. From January 5 to January 9 the city of Cheboksary will host the preliminary stage of the festival of youth media "Volga meeting", the deputy editor of children's newspaper "Eaglet, Dagestan" Maazat Charinova said. According to her, the main goal of the festival is the promotion of youth media and to involve children and young people into social activism. It is expected that "Volga meeting -23" will gather more than 200 kids who have chosen journalism and film making as their future profession and way of expression.
"The Festival "Volga Meetings" is a show-contest of groups of children and youth editions, TV channels, films and media of the Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic countries, held since 1989. This unique event supports and educates for beginners and young journalists citizenship, leadership and creative activity, significantly affecting the growth of youth media and development of media education"- M. Charinova pointed out.

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