September 9, 2011

ARTICLES: Teen blogger launches online magazine aged 15

US teenager Tavi Gevinson, who began blogging aged 12, has launched her own online magazine Rookie.

Following the success of her personal blog, The Style Rookie, Gevinson began plans for the online magazine for teenage girls over a year ago.

In an interview with the New York Times, Gevinson said she believes Rookie will fill a gap in the market: “Our content respects a kind of intelligence in the readers that right now a lot of writing about teenage girls doesn’t.” Rookie aims to be an outlet for adolescent girls going through the perks and pitfalls of their teenage years, containing vintage fashion, music and art reviews and advice pages.

Manned by nearly 40 staff, according to reports, the site is updated daily at times based around their target audience; after school, dinner time and late at night. In her first editor’s letter for the site, Gevinson, from Illinois, explains how she wants to create “a good venue for pure aesthetic enjoyment and smart, fun writing”.

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