July 4, 2011

ONLINE SAFETY / IT: Flashboy helps children stay safe online during the summer break (BULGARIA)

Summer is a season that is free of routines and strict schedules for kids and teens as well as for their parents and carers. The summer break relieves children from their student duties and responsibilities – rising early, spending their day in the classroom, doing homework and so on. Children have the opportunity to spend plenty of their time as they please. However, that lack of structure inevitably leads to more time spent in front of the computer in social networks, chats and online games.

As children spend more and more time on the internet, the probability of facing a risky situation grows exponentially. Although parents report increased anxiety towards their child’s behaviour online, they feel helpless in their efforts to take their children out of the virtual and back to the real world.

That was the motivation behind the Association Roditeli’s (the organisation in charge of the Bulgarian Helpline for Online Safety) initiative to organise a series of offline events promoting alternative free time activities for the whole family. It started in 2008 with Famillathlon – a celebration of family sports and healthy lifestyles.

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