April 8, 2011

NEWS / PROJECTS: Internews Launches Center for Innovation, Research & Learning

New Initiative Will Experiment, Capture and Share Innovative Approaches From Around the World

(April 6, 2011) Internews, the nonprofit that has championed local media development in more than 70 countries worldwide, is excited to announce the creation of the Internews Center for Innovation, Research & Learning.

Based in Washington, DC and operating globally, the Center aims to harness the potential of digital technologies and innovative approaches to better meet the information needs of communities around the world. The Center will also serve as a hub to inform and engage others in the fields of media, information technology and development.

Internews’ numerous ongoing field projects already represent a laboratory of innovative activity that can be captured, shared, and taken to scale. Recent projects with local partners around the globe include: text-message news reporting in Pakistan; pioneering “Radio over Internet Protocol” (ROIP) in Afghanistan; social media projects for Egyptian youth; crowd-sourced conflict resolution reporting and mapping in Kenya; and, the first-ever Twitter campaign to cover elections in Ukraine.

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