March 30, 2011

NEWS: Young journalists, key to free media

CITY OF MALOLOS, Bulacan, March 29 (PIA) – Through the power of young journalists and broadcasters to “carry the torch of our heroic predecessors,” incidents akin to the Maguindanao Massacre would no longer ensue.

This was the message of Governor Wilhelmino Alvarado during the 16th month commemoration of Maguindanao Massacre victims.

Local media practitioners and students of Mass Communications, major in Broadcasting of Bulacan State University (BulSU), graced the program held in front of the monument of La Solidaridad bureaucrats: Marcelo del Pilar, Jose Rizal and Mariano Ponce.

Alvarado said similar incidents should not arise under a civilized society. Vigilance, he said, is necessary to avoid such cases.

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