February 28, 2011

EVENTS: Geneva Forum on Social Change

Social media is changing society. It’s changing the way we communicate, the way we do business, the way we stay informed. It’s also bringing the world closer together, bridging the gap, and providing individuals and organizations with the tools to create global change.

From political activism to awareness-raising, from innovative fundraising to micro-financing, from emergency response to disaster relief, social media has emerged as a powerful new tool for change.

This year’s Geneva Forum on Social Change invites students, professionals and individuals to a free event in the heart of Geneva that will examine the potential of social media for tackling global challenges. Through a series of expert panel discussions, hands-on social media workshops, and free films and documentaries, we will explore the power of this rapidly evolving medium.

To register and for information on speakers, workshops and more visit www.gfsc.ch or contact Caroline Fisher: cfisher@iomba.ch

Dates: Friday 6pm – 9pm April 1, 2011 for keynote address, film and networking and;
Saturday 10am – 8pm April 2, 2011 for panel sessions, workshops, films and networking.

See you there!

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