January 4, 2011

NEWS / LEGISLATION: Russia to protect children from harmful information

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a law aimed at protecting children from harmful information, local media reported on Monday.

The law will protect the minors from "destructive, harmful and vicious-binding information," RBC news agency said.

It also prohibits any release of the underage children information which causes "fear, terror and panic, justifying abuse and unlawful behavior."

Moreover, the law bans any information, which tempts children to use drugs or alcochol, or provokes suicidal attempts.

The law also requires the media to consult experts on children psychology who could professionally estimate the risk each particular program bears for the young audience.

The law's supplementary notes said such information must be presented to the minors only "in measured and subtle form."

In November, Medvedev devoted a large part of his latest address at the Federal Assembly to the children affairs, and stressed that the state must do everything to ensure children's happiness.

Source: Xinhua

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