January 4, 2011

NEWS: Children have never had it harder, say their parents

Children are being put under too much pressure from exams, the internet and celebrity culture, parents have warned.

An investigation into the children's welfare in 21st century Britain has found high levels of concern that their development is being damaged.

Research by Mumsnet, the parenting website, found that adults believe it has never before been harder to be a child growing up.

The study found that nearly nine out of ten parents feel their offspring are suffering from pressure to look like unrealistic images used in the media.

Almost two thirds of those polled said that there was too much testing in schools, while three quarters admitted they struggled to spend enough time with their children because of their long working hours.

More than half said the rise of the internet had added to young people's problems, while 78 per cent said children do not play out enough on their own.

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