December 2, 2010

NEWS / ARTICLES: Pacific Islands Eager to Improve Children’s Media

by Barbara Kolucki, UNICEF Consultant, Children's Media and Tomas Jensen, Communication Specialist, UNICEF Pacific

The week began with excitement and some trepi- dation. For the very first time, countries from the Pacific Islands met to learn about and produce innovative media for children and youth. The August 16-20 workshop in Suva, Fiji, included a wide range of 60 people from Fiji, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, and Vanuatu, most of whom had never met each other or worked together.

It included children's media producers in television and radio, but also journalists, artists, creative writers, graphic designers, musicians and people who work directly with disadvantaged and marginalized youth. Other participants included young people who are creating innovative productions after taking part in UNICEF communication workshops and several deaf or blind young adults, accompanied by interpreters.

Media for children is quite new in the Pacific. Often, producers with absolutely no experience are thrust into creating TV or radio for youth. As a result, they were eager to learn what others around the world do, in order to take their work to a new level of appropriateness and professionalism.

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