August 31, 2010

OPPORTUNITIES / CALL FOR ENTRIES: Youth documentaries for this year's IDFA in Amsterdam

Submit your film before 1 September

The Youth & Media Programme supports and shows creative media expression by young talented people in Europe. We seek to include the perspectives of a new generation of European documentary makers, and provide access where it is not evident. We are NOW looking for creative short documentaries. All productions will be part of a professional selection procedure at the renowned International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA, 18 – 28 November 2010 in Amsterdam).

What sort of videos fit in the scope of the programme?
We are looking for videos that:
1. are creative short documentaries of max. 10 minutes;
2. are made by people under 30 years old from Europe or it's neighboring countries;
3. bring across topics relevant to society at large;
4. share interesting points of view;
5. meet the technical requirements;
6. have English subtitles;
7. when having music and sound, these are free of rights.

Please note: For participation, no professional background or training in filmmaking is required. Within the program we seize the opportunities that new technologies and media offer to talented do-it-yourselfers.

Specific ranges of topics of interest to the programme
The European Cultural Foundation has a special focus on themes that relate to the quest for new European Narratives, like:
• Language and mother tongue
• Environment and future
• Living apart together / Transnational dynamics
• Personal and society (I and Them)
• Dreams, hopes and fears
These themes are examples, not categories or mandatory guidelines.

What happens to the recruited documentaries?
The documentaries recruited will add to the collection of the programme.
This means that:
1. All productions will be part of a professional selection procedure at the renowned International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA, 18 – 28 November 2010 in Amsterdam,;
2. Productions will be shown online;
3. Productions will be shown in various screenings, organized by partners of the programme;
4. All productions are eligible for a DVD showcasing the best of the programme.

Technical requirements
HD Cam, Betacam SP PAL or Digibeta PAL.
During the IDFA festival we can really only from the aforementioned film formats. However, this does mean that the films on mini DV (or so) are excluded. Film competent to enter the IDFA screenings in other formats can relatively simple and cheap be converted into HD.

All works are under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. This means that we are free to share, to copy, distribute and transmit the work under the certain conditions (see website for more info)

How to submit your film?
• Read these regulations carefully;
• Fill in a submission form;
• Sent the completed submission form, together with a print (DVD) of your film in the proper format to: European Cultural Foundation, Puck de Klerk, Jan van Goyenkade 5, 1075 HN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Deadline for submission (to be part of the selection procedure for IDFA) is 1 September 2010.

All films that are entered after this date will participate in other activities of the Youth & Media Programme.

Mail to

These regulations where made by the European Cultural Foundation on 9 July 2010.


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